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Who, where &what?

The solo album

2020 Rick Altzi started the process of writing and recording songs for his upcoming solo album under the name ALTZI.

Rick, Ulrick Lönnqvist and Pete Alpenborg wrote most of the songs with a little help from Morgan Jensen and Ken Sandin on a couple of songs.

In the end of 2020 they had all the songs ready and early 2021 recording begun, the main band consists of:

Rick Altzi – Vocals
Peter Alpenborg – Gitarr & Keyboard
Nalle Påhlsson  – Bass
Kevin Kott – Drums

And in addition to them there are many good musicians guesting the album both on instruments and backing vocals.

First single is coming out Friday 26th of March and have guest musician Olaf Lenk from At Vance on lead guitar!

There is a total of 4 singles coming out during 2021 and the full album is released shortly after that.  


About Rick Altzi

Birthdate: October 6th

Birthplace: Helsingborg, Sweden

Eye color: Blue/grey
Hair color: Blond

Career history: Started to play bass at the age of 14, played i various bands/coverbands until 2004, started to take his singing seriously around 2005 and did his first album as a singer with AtVance 2007. Since then he worked with a lot of great musicians from bands like Helloween, Accept, King Diamond, Pain of salvation,  etc.

Right now:

He’s working on his first soloalbum under the name ALTZI he is also writing and recording with Masterplan, Gathering Of Kings and Herman Frank

Musical influences: Whitesnake, Dio, Thunder, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Tony McAlpine, Ozzy, Saga, TOTO, John Norum and a lot of bands from the 80-90?

First musical instrument: Acoustic guitar, at the age of 11, and his first bass at 14.

First concert attended: First big concert, TOTO, Copenhagen 1993

We can't wait to get out on the road again, but first there's some new music coming in march 26!

First single from the upcoming album by ALTZI March 26th

A total of four singles will be released between march and october!

What are they saying?

"It has been really fun working on this album and its not over yet, 4 new singles up for release!"
Rick Altzi
"What we have accomplished on this album is pure magic. The songwriting and production sounds amazing!"
Ulrick Lönnqvist
”It’s an honor to work with these guys and I can’t wait for all of you to hear the album"
Pete Alpenborg